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Did you know there is something called battery settings? If not, you must. Toshiba laptops are considered decent computers in various departments. In case you are suffering from battery let-down in your Toshiba device, the reason might not the brand itself but your battery settings. It is time to check the settings and fix it immediately.

If you spend a lot of time away from home or the office, this is surely working for you. Careful management of charging settings can prove to be extremely helpful. To stop running out of your battery, you do not have to replace the battery but to change the settings simple as per the executives of Toshiba Repairs Service centre. They can suggest you settings and tips to help your laptop’s power consumption:

Method 1

Click on the battery meter icon on the right side of the desktop taskbar under notification area. This will take you to the battery and power dialog box.

Method 2

The battery status at the top of the dialog box also shows the remaining charge in the laptop battery. Checking that will establish if the battery is currently plugged into a power supply and charging.

Method 3

This is an amazing method to match up with your usage. Click on the check-box beside the power plan and match it with your current activities. Next, opt for “High Performance” if the laptop is connected to an external power supply and the battery is charging. Select “Balanced”, if don’t need to save power but the Windows to optimize the laptop instead. Select “Power Saver” when you can really limit the battery charging as long as possible.

Method 4

Most people run their laptops completely off battery power or too much on power charging. Laptops are portable machines, thus, if you treat them like desktop, it will shrink its capacity automatically. Frequent charging can reduce the overall life of battery. The ideal way should be to charge the device on a regular basis, not too often or rarely.

Method 5

Most laptops start charging their cell when the percentage falls down to 95% or 96%. Thus, keeping your laptop plugged in will not initiate a charge for several days or hours but it will top off the battery at 100%. So, what you should do is to keep a charging threshold once the power goes down to 80%. This will also potentially prolong the battery life too.

There are various ways and tricks to carefully use your computers’ power consumption; one must follow these little tips. It helps the customer to be on the beneficial side. For further details or any issues regarding laptop, you can contact Toshiba Repair Centre Sydney on Our Toll-Free Number 1800-431-351.  They have the expertise to deal with any sort of IT related problems and troubleshoot it as soon as asked for.


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